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Golden Scroll Reiki for Manifesting

golden scroll reiki

  Golden Scroll Reiki for Manifesting is an easy-to-use Reiki system that helps you manifest goals, dreams, and desires. It was channeled by Reiki Master Stephanie Brail in 2008. The energies of this attunement help you to manifest your desires  in two ways; -One, by clearing out any negative energy or blockages to the goal, -Two, …

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Abundantia Abundance Reiki

Abundance Reiki

Abundantia Abundance Reiki connects you to Abundantia-the Roman Goddess of plenty. Abundantia Abundance Reiki is a lovely attunement channeled by Amy Bass. In her manual to accompany the attunement she explians, “While fulfilling our life’s mission, we may need material support. The spirit world is very happy to contribute to this support, if we’ll ask them. …

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Money River Reiki

money river reiki

Money River Reiki is a wonderful attunement to bring the flow of abundance to you and clear blockages. It was channeled and founded by Linda Colibert in 2009. Money River Reiki attunement connects you to the Creative Source, and helps you to clear blocks to your flow of money and income. It also walks you …

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Money Seed Reiki Attunement

Money Seed Reiki is a great attunement to aid abundance for you and others, it was founded and written by Reiki Master Stephanie Brail in 2009, in the manual she explains, “Each time a penny is charged up with the Money Seed energy, it makes the penny “worth” more than its face value. Consider that people …

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Money Reiki Attunement

Money Reiki

Money Reiki is  a system that is here to help you and the planet with money issues. It is about the Spiritual Energy of Money. It is a very powerful system that can help enable great change both for your self and the world around you. Money Reiki Attunement was channeled and founded by  Reiki …

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Attraction Reiki Attunement

Attraction Reiki helps you to “magnetize” yourself and strengthen your aura to enable you to draw whatever you want in life — money, love, opportunities and much more. It is a powerful energy system channeled by Reiki Master Stephanie Brail in 2005. In her manual to accompany these attunements the founder explains, “Attraction Reiki is …

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