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Angel Reiki For Children

Angel Reiki for Children attunement is a lovely, gentle attunement to 20 Angels for helping and guiding children in their personal development. It was originally compiled by Edite Peca and Beatrice Schwartz. Edite Peca is a recognised medium, who has been working with light beings of higher realms and has channelled messages from the higher vibrational …

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Angel Stones Empowerment Reiki

The Angel Stones Empowerment was founded by Ole Gabrielsen, the founder of many powerful energy systems, including Kundalini Reiki, Orb of Life,  Ethereal Crystals and many more! In the short accompanying manual Ole explains, “When wearing an Angel Stone, a special assigned angel is constantly in your energy field, providing you with the energy you need. …

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Bear Medicine Reiki

Bear Medicine Reiki was channeled by Lisa “Ladywolf” Center. Bear medicine is a very feminine energy that speaks of power, dream time and the world of the unconscious. Bears appear to be slow and plodding going on their solitary way. Actually they are studious and cautious. People with Bear as a totem are often inventors and …

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Colour Reiki For Children

This is a lovely, gentle system of Reiki that can be of great healing benefit to children. It was founded by P. Rose and R.Anthony and Nicole Lanning. Colour Reiki for Children is a form of energy attunement that permits adults to attune children to the vibrational level of the different colours that correspond to …

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Full Spectrum Healing Reiki Attunement

This healing energy system created by Ole Gabrielsen. This is a wonderful attunement to add to your energetic toolbox. Suitable for practising Reiki and Energy Healers. The energies of full spectrum healing are very gentle, yet powerful energies. Just like a rainbow, full spectrum healing carries all the frequencies from infrared through near-ultraviolet. Thus it …

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Ethereal Flowers Reiki Attunement

Ethereal Flowers Reiki are two lovely, gentle attunements by Ole Gabrielsen will teach you how to make powerful flower remedies in seconds. Through the Ethereal Flowers Reiki attunements you gain access to a specific flower’s energy and can channel it by intention without the need for the physical flower to be present. These are the …

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