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Angel Reiki For Children

This is a lovely, gentle attunement to 20 Angels for helping and guiding children in their personal development. Angel Reiki for Children was compiled by Edite Peca and Beatrice Schwartz. Edite Peca is a recognised medium, who has been working with light beings of higher realms and has channelled messages from the higher vibrational planes and …

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Sapphires Of Angels Reiki Attunement

Sapphires of Angels

This beautiful course is for anyone with an interest or a love for angels.  Please note that the colours of Angels is a pre-requisite for this Sapphires of Angels Reiki attunement. This course follows on from Stephen Lovering’s Colours Of Angels Course and is a lovely expansion and addition. Sapphires come in many colours, you do not …

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Colour Reiki For Children

This is a lovely, gentle system of Reiki that can be of great healing benefit to children. It was founded by P. Rose and R.Anthony and Nicole Lanning. Colour Reiki for Children is a form of energy attunement that permits adults to attune children to the vibrational level of the different colours that correspond to …

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