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Star Healing Reiki-Animal Healing

Star Healing Reiki

Star Healing Reiki is channeled as an animal healing system, however, it will work for people also if you decide to use the energies for people or even plants.  It was channeled by Reiki Master Linda Colibert in 2012. Star Healing Energies connect you to Spirit and empowers you to perform spiritual healing that clears …

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Animal Light Communication Reiki

animal light communication reiki

Animal Light Communication Reiki helps open “light” channels for communication with animals and aid healing.  It was channeled and founded by Sandra Kluge. In the manual to accompany the attunement she explains, “Because children have a very healthy empathy and are able to empathize with animals, they are tightly connected with them. So it may …

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Animal Reiki Course

Originally founded by Amanda Davies the animal reiki course is a must for anyone who works with animals. In her introduction Amanda Davies writes. “We hear and read a lot about using Reiki to heal and re-balance ourselves but have you ever considered how Reiki could help animals? As a Reiki Master/Teacher I am aware of just …

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