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Sacred Path Reiki Attunement – 3 Levels

Sacred Path Reiki

  Sacred Path is a style of Reiki that combinations 3 schools; – Raku Kei Reiki, –Tibetan Reiki and -Traditional Usui Reiki. Sacred Path Reiki also has additional things that are useful to the Initiate, the Practitioner as well as the Master. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES? Sacred Path Reiki is essentially the same as Usui …

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Karuna Ki Reiki Attunement

Karuna Ki Reiki

  Karuna Ki Reiki is an innovative and advanced natural healing system that was developed by Vincent Amador. Please note you will need to be a Reiki Master to receive Karuna Ki Distant Reiki Attunement. Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “compassion in action.” Karuna Ki is Compassionate Energy and Healing. It is connecting to …

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Imara Reiki Attunement

Imara Reiki

  Imara means “more”, referring to the higher energy the system connects to. Barton Wendel first channeled the Imara Reiki system. Please note you will need to be attuned to Reiki Master to receive this Attunement. Imara Reiki is a Reiki of a higher vibration energy level than most common Reiki modalities. The energy is …

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