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The Chakras and Yoga Part One

Chakras and Yoga

This article, the chakras and yoga is in two parts for ease of reading. The topic of the Chakras is huge and I am by no means going into every detail here, the same goes for the subject of Yoga. This article has been written to give a brief overview of the chakras, how they …

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Massage Therapy

massage therapy

Massage therapy can be used in many ways on our bodies. It can aid healing if muscles are damaged, help with many muscle related illnesses, be used in recuperation after illness or surgery, or to promote relaxation and wellbeing. We are all sensual beings and as a result our bodies respond well to massage and …

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Yoga Makes You Feel Good.

Yoga makes you feel good

If you are feeling a bit flat or low this time of year you might want to consider taking up, or re-taking up the Practise of Yoga. Yoga is a great mood enhancer. Like all forms of exercise, yoga releases hormones that help ease feelings of stress that often lead to feeling low or depressed. …

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Alternate Nostril Breathing

alternate nostril breathing

This is by far one of my favourite yoga breathing techniques. It can be a little difficult to get used to, but once you are you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Alternate nostril breathing helps balance out the left and right side of the brain, calm your emotional state and your nervous system …

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Yoga – The Bridge Pose

The bridge pose

This month I thought I’d start a series of Yoga articles. I have been practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga for over twenty years and find it a wonderful system to unite body, mind and spirit. There are so many benefits to your health when you practice yoga-but that’s another article entirely! If you have any …

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