Empowerment or Attunement

Empowerment or AttunementWhat is the Difference Between an Empowerment or Attunement?

The difference between an empowerment and an attunement….Hmm, I wish I had a pound/dollar/euro/etc. for every time I had been asked this question!

It is a very valid question and to be honest the answer is vague, mainly because the two are often used interchangeably. I have thought about this and looked into it a lot and this is my simplified interpretation of the differences between an empowerment or attunement…

An Empowerment
An empowerment works on the basis that we are all one, we are all from source energy, we are all connected, so in each of us is the whole, the sum of all that is. An empowerment is used to bring out what is already inside you. It is already inside you because you are all that is, but often these traits are deeply embedded within and it would take enormous amounts of time and effort to bring these energies to the surface and use them for your greater good.

An empowerment awakens the energy within you and enables you to connect easily with it and develop it. This could be an empowerment to an animal, plant, Goddess, a vibration, a positive state of being, etc. Therefore, most (but not all!) empowerments are a means of self and spiritual development. They are usually there to help you ignite that which is already within you for the greatest good of yourself and others.
Empowerments are an excellent spiritual development tool.

An Attunement
An attunement aligns you with and channels into your energy field energies from without, from outside of yourself. Energies that are from other realms, angels, etheric energies, spiritual energies, source energies, etc. Many Reiki systems are examples of this, Kundalini Reiki, Usui Reiki, Angel Reiki, Ama Deus Shamanic Reiki, etc. The energy comes from outside of what we are, it is divine energy channelled to help us heal ourselves and others.

These are by no means perfect definitions. “Attunement” is often used for any energy passed on to another person with the intention that they become “in tune” with that particular energy, whether that particular energy is from within or without. “Empowerment” is sometimes used for a system that ignites the energy within you for self or spiritual development and enables you to use that energy to heal others.

These are given as general guidelines if you are wondering about an empowerment or attunement!

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