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New Earth Energies
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 43 reviews
 by Aleksandra

Thank you, Amanda, for the wonderful self-attunements! We really appreciate you! Namaste

 by Katsumi

I recommend Amanda's energy attunements to everyone. Everyone, you are sure to find your favorite energy attunement on Amanda's site, so feel free to request an attunement.
I also recommend Energy Attunement, which is founded by Amanda herself. Amanda's manual is very easy to understand and is written with great attention to detail. I think Amanda's energy is very delicate, gentle and wonderful. And Amanda kindly guides me when I don't understand anything. I respect Amanda.

 by Ana Chan

Great selection of energies. Amanda is very knowledgeable, understanding and supportive 🙂

 by Paulina

Thank you so much Amanda❤️

 by Lorraine Morrow

Iv had quite a few energy Attunements from Amanda & they have all been wonderful energy to work with for self growth . Amanda is very helpful & knowledgeable. She also offers after care too which is lovely . I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda to anyone sitting on the fence . Pure always energy from source Thank you Amanda your a shining star 🌟 xx

 by Thomas F

Great website, many things of interest. Amanda has helped me with my spiritual path for some time. I enjoy a lot the attunements on offer, they have helped me grow and advance my healing skills.

 by Mary of Wrexham aka Ebony Rain

Always a pleasure working with Amanda. The energy range she has is fantastic. To suit most. I have amazing experiences receiving the attunements and working with the energies. Extremely informative site too. She is a lovely lady to chat with about the products she offers, so knowledgeable and helpful.

 by David Michael Barina

Amanda work is top notch and information she gives us is so helpful on our path. New Earth Energies has a lot to offer us. I would recommend looking in the subject you're looking for cause she may have more then one energy systems you can use. This store is so awesome i feel like a kid in a big library enjoying the wealth of information we have access to.

 by Alison

Wow! I am so pleased and happy to have found this website. So much information and so many different energies. I feel like a child in a candy store!
Amanda is always helpful and patient.
I highly recommend New Earth Energies!

 by Marcia Silva

Amanda is an incredible Lightworker and Reiki Teacher with a beautiful and kind Soul.
Throughout the years, I have received many life-changing attunements from Amanda. Apart from the powerful energies, one senses and feel purity of heart, good intentions, and love on each chi ball that she creates. It is just like Magick ✨✨
I just love to receive Attunements from Amanda. It is incredible how amazing, connected and grounded I feel when I receive attunements from her. I strongly recommend Amanda for Reiki and Energy Attunements. She is my always to go Energy Worker – a pure energy jewel amongst us!
Thank you, my dear Amanda, for all that you do and may you continue to bless us all with your work and energies of your beautiful heart !✨
Love, Marcy

 by Samantha Barnes

I have had several attunements from Amanda and i have loved all of them. Amanda has such a friendly, welcoming energy and i resonated with her energy some time ago. I love the newsletters each month too !!✨️

 by Melissa Hughes

Amanda is always so kind and patient and offers so many wonderful attunements, I keep coming back!

 by HV

A repeat customer, Amanda’s energies systems are effective and powerful !!! Many thanks !!!!

 by Charlene Collins

I love new earth energies ,these are lovely channeld energies .

 by Sinead

When I came across Amanda’s website I was blown away .. It has something to offer every energy therapist in the world .. Excellent describes it accurately. I’ve now had 5 attunements from Amanda and the energy is powerful . A wonderful light worker to help the world .. Thank you a thousand times Amanda ,, New earth energies …

 by HV

Great service as always!!!!!Thank you!!

 by Andrew Logan

Amanda offers great Reiki attunements, the energies always feel so nice and blissful. She is quick to respond, very professional, and a joy to receive attunements from. I highly recommend her services!

 by GoddessInariTaoist

I enjoyed this attunement and the manual it came with. I felt the information was a real manual unlike other who call a 1 page pdf a manual. The service was fast, effecient and effective. A+++ will do business with again to add to my education!

 by Jay Burrell

What can I say about Amanda and New Earth Energies... Amanda is one of the few genuine, trustworthy and honest teachers that I know. I have also had the privilege of being one of Amanda's students so I can receive her own channelled attunements. These in themselves are life-changing. The energies are so pure that I have to put them at the top of my favourite list. I rarely feel the energy when I am attuned but whenever I take one of Amanda's own channelled attunements I am blown away by the power and the visuals that are given. I can only give high praises to Amanda and New Earth Energies for the blessings that they have brought into my life. Thank you Amanda for all that you do. You are a blessing to the Reiki and Distant Attunement community.

 by Nadir Baji karbhari

The attunement energies are aboslutely fantastic.
The courses are fabulous and I for one find it difficult to choose
Amanda is a humble and compassionate soul and has been very supportive ( especially when I had encountered a payment related problem)
God continue to Bless All

 by Lorraine Morrow

Amanda is the kind of once in a lifetime person who is very humble, compassionate , Angelic yet so grounded I feel very blessed to of found her on Facebook. Amanda is very gifted to bring beautiful energy Attunements down for us all to work with . I find the energies are of pure Love & Amanda is always there to help with any questions I may have . It’s rare to find a genuine Reiki Teacher that we can connect with . I Love the pure energies I always feel & see so much light when I’m working with them & I love to share them with others so they are blessed too . Thank you Amanda ❤️

 by HV

!!!!Great service, pure energies , Amanda is the best !!!!

 by Laure

We are so lucky to have Amanda in this world, her love, her care, her wisdom and healing is beautiful. Her kindness Is huge! I am deeply grateful for her!

 by Clara

I love this website, so many cool tools ! Thanks!!

 by Leticia

Excellent variety of courses and excellent service at a very reasonable price! Thank you!

 by ahmed naser al den

thank you amanda

 by Mary Black

Amanda is lovely. Shes knowledgeable and giving. Her energies are powerful and I receive her attunements so eaily. They are beaytiful and powerful. Shes welcoming and very supportive. Her site is lovely and easy to navigate. Her prices are amazing too. Cant recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much Amanda. Its been such a pleasure working with you. Xx

 by Regina Cieli Estrada

My reiki orb of life , 9 dragon & reiki pain management attunenents is super effective for distant healing. I believe I helped a lot of people during the pandemic. To my Senseis in New Earth Energies, thank you very much.

 by Torild

These reiki-energies are so beautiful - just smoothing and soft, and are easy to work with.
It suits my body very well. And these are the new energies.
You can just say some words or focus on a symbol for the topic you have chosen.

It is so good to get help from the loving energies - and I recommend you to try one for yourself.

My experience is that Amanda is such a kind person and has so great service in what she offers.

 by Carlos lopez

I am new to this reiki field and meeting Amanda and new earth energies has been really WONDERFUL. So many attunements!!! I feel like a child in a toystore in christmas time!!! And lovely Amanda with the time to answer my ingenuous candid basic questions. I highly reccomend. Thank you Amanda!!!.

 by Oliver

I bought from Amanda a collection of Archangel-attunements, and was more than pleasantly surprised. I work with attunements on a constant level, and the quality of attunements can vary from seller to seller, but this attunement (strong one, containing 13 Archangels in one chi ball) was excellent!! I then started asking her for her free attunements, and also these are great indeed! I am also going to buy more of her regular attunements, and can fully recommend her work. Amanda's work is fantastic!!

 by Lamia

To Mrs. Amanda, you are more than wonderful and respectful and answer all my questions with love. I am lucky that you are my teacher .

 by Flávio Miguel Pereira

A good reiki master with a lot of healthy products to care about our spiritual bodies and lightbodies. Trust

 by Zagorka Tanaskovic


 by Elena

I highly recommend this website. Amanda is always willing to help and her chi balls are powerful and secure.

 by Luisa

I had a very positive comparison Amanda and the New Earth Energies within.
The energy is pure light and love.
Amanda is a supportive and available person .
I pray God Goddess always bless her in many way.

 by Sam

What Amanda of New Earth Energies offers is amazing value.. plus she is totally authentic and offers from the heart, as is the true essence of Reiki and energy work. As a reiki teacher myself i recommend her website to all my students. She is very responsive, always takes time to respond to queries and questions and quickly! Supports other energy workers, has an incredible list of attunements on offer.. what more can i say?!...Highly recommended...thanks Amanda, keep up the good work.

 by mido

I love new earth energies highly recommend this website Amanda attunements are excellent and pure plus she always give free 2 attunements every month and great newsletter

 by Anamarija

I adore Amanda and everything she does
Have bought many of her attunements and deeply apriciate free ones every month,such a gentle and powerful soul
Many blessings

 by Eina

The energy prepared by Amanda is so pure❤

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