Mystical Mermaid Goddess Within

Mystical Mermaid GoddessMystical Mermaid Goddess Within is part two of a three part series by Tracey Loper of her HEALING THE MYTHIC GODDESS SELF SERIES.

Mermaids are like many other Goddesses in that they are beautiful and are known for their beauty and for bringing beauty into our lives. The mermaid is a willful Goddess with Magickal powers.

Mermaids have a very sunny side to their nature as they are loving, affectionate, generous and kind, qualities that we all wish to embody and which certainly attract positive persons and experiences into our lives.

They have been known to give wealth, knowledge, wisdom and their own love and devotion. They bring us eloquence, seduction and the power of transformation. They beckon to our adventurous side and represent forbidden fruit. They teach us to allow our strong feminine identities to come to the surface as these do not have to be forbidden fruits from within us. Mermaids teach us that it is perfectly normal to allow our seductive side out to play.

Mystical Mermaid Goddess system embodies the energies of several mermaid/sea Goddesses which include Amphitrite (‘The Great Embracer’ — pre-Hellenic sea Goddess); Atargatis (Syrian mermaid Goddess); Mami Wata (‘Mother Water’ — Nigerian mermaid Goddess); Sedna (Inuit sea Goddess).

The energies of this system will allow us to abandon ourselves (ego) and hurl our true (divine) selves into the deep, to sprout wings, and transform into a new form with Higher knowledge, understanding, wisdom and perception. The depth of the water (duality) can sustain life, give comfort and is a source of life and abundance. Water is symbolic for spiritual rebirth and renewal, purification and regeneration and is the source from which each person is born.

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-Mystical Mermaid Goddess Reiki distance attunements via chi ball method
-Mystical Mermaid Goddess Reiki original manual by Tracey, digital download
-bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
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Mystical Mermaid Goddess Within Healing System- £22

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