Reiki Attunement Packages

Reiki Attunement PackagesWelcome to my Reiki Attunement Packages. This is a new part of my website and I will continue to add packages over the coming months. If there is any particular area of Reiki that you think would make a good package deal, please let me know!

These Reiki Attunement packages have been designed to kick start your energetic toolbox in whatever area you choose. They are designed to heal yourself and others and bring some of the most strongest energies together for healing and change.

Below is a list of the Reiki Attunement Packages on offer, please click on the link to see full information of the attunements and prices.


Chakra and Aura Healing PackageChakra and Aura Healing Package

Chakra and Aura Healing Attunement Package of Reiki Attunements will help you with every level of chakra and aura care, from cleansing, repairing, cutting etheric cords, to balancing and protecting chakras.

Chakra and Aura Reiki is an essential part of any Healer or Light Worker’s energetic toolbox to enable you to cleanse, repair and protect you own chakras and aura and heal others.


Protection Reiki PackageProtection Reiki Package

Protection Reiki Package of Reiki Attunements will help you with every level of protection, protecting you from energy vampires, beliefs of others, negative energies and purifying and cleansing you.

Protection Reiki is an essential part of any Healer or Light Workers energetic toolbox to enable you protect yourself and others from potentially damaging negative energies and people….


Well-Being Reiki PackageWell-Being Reiki Package

Well-Being Reiki Package of Reiki Attunements will help you on every level of well-being. The attunements in this package are designed to help you help yourself and heal others on a variety of well-being levels, including depression, self love, peace, harmony, reduce social anxiety and much more!

These attunements will be a powerful tool in your energetic toolbox to enable you to promote well-being and heal yourself and others….


Abundance Reiki PackageAbundance Reiki Package

Abundance Reiki Package of Reiki Attunements will help you on every level of abundance, to magnetize, manifest and attract to you and to others the abundance that you seek. Whether it be for wealth, prosperity, success, good health, this package will get you well on the way to activating all the abundance that you desire.

Abundance Reiki can be a powerful tool in your energetic toolbox to enable you to manifest your desires, live an abundant life and bring abundance to others.


Usui Reiki PackageUsui Reiki Package Levels 1-3

Usui Reiki package is designed to get you from beginner to Master level at your own pace, whilst having my full support and advice all through your Reiki journey. This package is for Usui Reiki level 1, 2 and 3 (Master/Teacher).



Healing the mystic selfHealing the Mystic Self Series

Healing the Mystic Self is a three part series founded by Tracey Loper. The aim of the series is to bring you into contact with the Goddesses within yourself for healing, strength, protection and much much more.



Manifestation Guidance Program

Manifestation Guidance Program

The Manifestation Guidance Program Attunement Package is the complete 12 Manifestation Attunements in the Program. Manifestation Guidance Program was  channeled and written by Reiki Master Linda Colibert in 2012. There are 12 attunements in total in this program for your personal growth and to help you with manifesting your desires in this system. Each of the manifestation attunements can be purchased and used separately, or you can buy the entire Manifestation Guidance Program here at a discount price.


Dragon Reiki Package

Dragon Reiki Attunement Package

Dragon Reiki Attunement Package  will help you to connect with the energy of the Dragons. Dragon energies are very powerful and can be used for many purposes such as, protection, wealth and abundance, cleansing negative energies, intensify your healing energies, bring strength and confidence and so much more!

This package consists of six different attunements to Dragon energies.