Variety Pack of Reiki Attunements

Variety Pack of Reiki AttunementsThis Variety Pack of Reiki Attunements has been designed to cover a wide range of different healing modalities, including animal healing, psychic protection, spirit guide communication, manifestation work, 999 frequency energies and much, much more.

These attunements will be a powerful tool in your energetic toolbox to enable you to connect with many different energies for healing, self-development, protection, ascension, spiritual development and more.

Please note that this package is as it is, sorry, no substitutes.

Please click on each link to go to the full Reiki attunement description.

Your Variety Pack of Reiki Package will include:

999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy– by Daelyn Wolf. The powerful energies of 999 frequency to raise your vibration and lift you up to the energy frequency of abundance.
Animal Reiki Course -by Amanda Davies. To help work with animals and heal them, a wonderful course looking at animal chakras, Reiki practise and giving treatments.
Spirit Guide Connection Empowerment-by Amanda Hadley. This empowerment will help you to connect with your spirit guides for help, advice, guidance, support, etc.
Ocean Breeze Empowerment– by  Elizabeth Ami. A wonderful clearing energy perfect for getting rid of negative debris.
Atlantian Dolphins Attunement– by Heidi Gebhard-Burger. A gentle, loving, healing energy of the Dolphins.
Celtic Dragon Reiki Attunement– by Amanda Hadley. The energies connect you with Dragon energies, this  is a new powerful healing system for protection, cleansing, healing and manifesting abundance.
Advanced Manifestation Lightwork– by Daelyn Wolf. This is a very powerful attunement that amplifies your manifesting abilities and focuses them positively.
Energy Vampire Removal Protection System– by Raine Hilton. The energies help to cleanse you of negative attachments and protect you from them.
Negative Patterns Blasting Attunement– by Argandini Titisari.  This is a powerful energy system to help remove negative beliefs, thoughts, memories, etc
Pre-attunement Empowerment– by Stephanie Brail,  helps to prepare the energetic body for receiving the attunement, and gently clear away blockages that might interfere with the optimal reception of the attunement.

The total of this package, if bought separately is nearly £200!

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

-ALL the above stated Variety Pack Reiki Package Attunements- distance attunements via chi ball
-ALL accompanying original manuals for the attunements, digital download
-Bonus manuals (Ebooks and self-attunements)
-All certificates and lineages if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the courses and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email.

Variety Pack Reiki Package-£130


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