Category: Stephen Lovering

Zapharel's Love and Peace Alignment

Zapharel’s Love and Peace Alignment

Beautiful angelic energies to bring love and peace. Zapharel's Love and Peace ... Read More
Archangel Raphael's Travellers Empowerment

Archangel Raphael’s Travellers Empowerment

Connection to Archangel Raphael, who oversees and protects travellers. Archangel Raphael's Travellers ... Read More
Colours Of Angels Attunement

Colours Of Angels Attunement

Beautiful connections to 7 Archangels and their rays, Colours of Angels Attunement ... Read More
Sapphires of Angels

Sapphires Of Angels Attunement

Seven sapphire connections to Archangels and their energies.  Please note that the ... Read More
Inner Beauty Reiki Attunement

Inner Beauty Reiki Attunement

Wonderful energy filled with unconditional love and gentleness. Inner Beauty Reiki Attunement ... Read More
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