Category: Heidi Gebhard-Burger

Atlantian Dolphins Attunement

Atlantian Dolphins Attunement

This is a gentle, loving, healing energy. Atlantian Dolphins attunement was channeled by Reiki Master Heidi Gebhard-Burger in ... Read More
Healing Through the Goddess of Avalon

Healing Through the Goddess of Avalon

This is a beautiful attunement, connecting you to Morgaine la Fey, her wisdom and healing powers. Healing Through ... Read More
Atlantian Crystal Angels

Atlantian Crystal Angels Attunement

"With the help of this system’s energy vibrations it is possible for us again to find the entrance ... Read More
unicorn energy healing reiki

Unicorn Energy Healing Reiki

Unicorns have very mystic natures and are very magical. Symbolically they represent the innocence, purity and love of ... Read More
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