Category: Rishi Rohit Sharma

Laughing Buddha Reiki

Laughing Buddha Reiki

Positive energies for happiness, joy, emotional healing and ... Read More
Archangel Michael's Blue Flame Reiki

Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame Reiki

Powerful energies of healing and protection from all ... Read More
Lord Buddha's Heart Wall Clearing Reiki

Heart Wall Clearing Reiki

Loving energies  to help cleanse and remove the ... Read More
Archangel Raphael's Pink Reiki

Archangel Raphael’s Pink Reiki

Powerful energies of unconditional love and divine healing ... Read More
Eagle of Eternity

Eagle of Eternity Attunement

Rise above challenges and connect with eagle energies ... Read More
The Holy Saffron attunement

The Holy Saffron Attunement

Beautiful energies to connect with Saffron, to purify ... Read More
Kaal Bhairav Kavach attunement

Kaal Bhairav Kavach Attunement

Protective energies to shield you from all negativity ... Read More
Reiki Bomb attunement

Reiki Bomb Attunement

Energies from many modalities, combined to create a ... Read More
The Blue Rose Attunement

The Blue Rose Attunement

Energies to connect with the Divine, spiritual love ... Read More
The Lion of Durga attunement

The Lion of Durga Attunement

Energies for courage, power, protection and self-confidence. The ... Read More
The Holy Ganga Attunement

The Holy Ganga Attunement

Energies to help cleanse, rejuvenate, purify and protect ... Read More
Reiki Sparkles attunement

Reiki Sparkles Attunement

Beautiful, sparkling energies to uplift, restore and heal ... Read More
Orb of Om attunement

Orb of Om Attunement

Powerful energies connecting to the vibration of OM ... Read More
Angel Wings Attunement

Angel Wings Attunement

Beautiful angelic energies to bring courage, protection, hope, ... Read More
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