Free Reiki Attunements

Free Reiki Attunements

I have collected over the years a number of excellent free reiki self- attunements that I would like to offer everyone who is interested.

These free reiki attunements are all SELF-ATTUNEMENTS, activated by your intention. Information on activation is given in each manual.

Self-attunements are a great way to give yourself a boost and lift your spiritual well being. These attunements, whilst being free are by no means of less energetic value than any other Reiki attunement, many of them awaken very powerful energies.  They are merely being offered for free because they are self attunements and you do not require another person to send or pass on the attunement to you.

You will receive from me a manual (via e-mail) giving you information on the background of the attunement, how to use it and how to activate it.

This month’s Free Reiki Self-Attunements are:

Turtle Energy Self-Attunement

Channeled by Amanda Hadley.
Energies to connect with the nurturing, feminine energies of the turtle and her wisdom.

Pure Bright Energy Self-attunement

Channeled by Nicole Lanning
Bringing in the light of Source energies to restore wholeness to mind, body and spirit.

Please use the message section to tell me which attunement you would like, or just type “both”.


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