Category: Joanna Rowan Mullane

Faery Flora Energies Empowerment

Faery Flora Energies Empowerment

The energies of this empowerment connect you with 12 different Faery Floras for healing, empowerment, ... Read More
Faery Tree Spirit Energies Attunement

Faery Tree Spirit Energies Attunement

Magical, healing Faery Tree Spirit Energies Attunement is a beautiful energy to connect you with ... Read More
Medicine Mandala package

Medicine Mandala Empowerments

The Medicine Mandala Empowerments are a unique set of 11 empowerments channeled by Joanna Rowan ... Read More
Azure Ray of Avalon

Azure Ray of Avalon

The Azure Ray of Avalon is a wonderful Reiki system that was channeled and founded ... Read More
Brighid's Flame Reiki

Brighid’s Flame Reiki

This is a beautiful attunement to the energies of the Goddess Brighid that incorporates four ... Read More
crystal faery shield

Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment

Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment is a beautiful protective and cleansing energy. It was channeled and ... Read More
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