Sekhem Heka 7 Levels

Sekhem Heka 7 levelsPowerful, beautiful, healing Seichim energies. Sekhem Heka 7 levels is an amazing system of natural healing and self-development founded by Storm Constantine in 2008.
These initiations are very high level energy work and previous energy work is highly recommended before taking this system. It is also recommended that you are a Reiki Master.

In Ancient Egypt, sekhem literally meant ‘power’ or ‘might’. The term applied to gods and goddesses and was often part of the titles of pharaohs and queens. The sekhem scepter carried by rulers and important officials was a physical representation of their earthly power. In recent years, the word sekhem has been reinterpreted to mean the energy of a healing system named after it, but that meaning is of modern not ancient origin. Sekhem, in its modern sense, is a form of healing that derives from a system called Seichim, which itself is partly a derivative of Reiki. Originally, the word Heka meant ‘magic’ or ‘magical power’, and it was also the name of a god who presided over magic.

As with most other energy healing systems, Sekhem Heka works with the seven energy centers within the body, which in this system are referred to as the shef – the whole system – or shefats, the individual centers. These words derive from an Ancient Egyptian term that means power, energy, or vigor. The energy centers are commonly known in most systems as the chakras, the idea of which derives from Ancient India. The centers are visualized as spheres or lotuses of coloured light, ranging through the spectrum from violet to red. There are seven degrees in Sekhem Heka, and at each degree you will work with one of the seven shefats.

The Egyptians saw the divine principle as one force with many different names. It could be everything, everywhere, and all at the same time. The Egyptian word for a god or goddess was ‘neter’ or ‘netjer’, (plural: neteru), but the term also encompasses all the various representations of divinity. It can be seen as one divine being, with myriad different aspects, both male and female. It can be seen as the animating principle of the universe, the energy of the quantum realms.

The energy or power that the Egyptians believed caused effects upon reality was called heka. This was the force that the creator deity used to make the world. Each neter also had its own personal heka that can be seen as a personification of the neter. Although the word heka can be translated literally as ‘magic’, it’s probably best to think of it in terms of: Life Force in Action. It is the essence of the gods, life force itself. Heka is energy.

There are 7 degrees/attunements in this system, each works with its own rituals and meditations that you will need to follow and practise. Each degree has its own symbol/s.

Sekhem Heka 1st Degree – (Ha-aah) 
In  Sekhem Heka Level 1 there are two neteru. The first is the lioness-headed neter Sekhmet, and the second is the neter of magic, Heka. The shefat associated with this degree is Sen-t, situated at the base of the spine.

Sekhem Heka 2nd Degree – (Sen-nu) 
The neter of this degree is Isis. It involves the second shefat, Khep-ti, which is situated in the belly and associated with sexuality, desire, passion and creativity.

Sekhem Heka 3rd Degree – Khemt-tu 
The neter connected with this degree is Ra, the sun god. The third shefat, Hati, lies at the solar plexus, and is associated with will power and how we project our personality to the world. Khemt-tu also includes the five Sekhem Heka principles, which complement the Reiki Principles devised by Mikao Usui. Each principle involves a meditation, during which you examine aspects of your conditioning, the things that make you the person you are.

Sekhem Heka 4th Degree – Fty-nu 
The fourth degree centers upon Ab, the heart shefat, connected with matters of emotion, unconditional/universal love and emotional expression. The neter for it is the cat-headed goddess, Bast, in her aspect of a goddess of love.

Sekhem Heka 5th Degree – Tu-noot 
Maat, the neter associated with this degree, is the goddess of cosmic truth. The shefat of Tu-Nut is Ashash-t, the throat, which is connected with communication. The melding of Maat and Ashash-t promotes honest communication, with oneself and others.

Sekhem Heka 6th Degree – Sas-nu 
The neter of Sas-Nu is Wadjet, the cobra goddess. Her symbol, the uraeus, is the serpent found on the crowns of Egyptian kings and queens. Wadjet as a serpent represents the third eye, the seat of intuition, clear sight and self awareness. The shefat Aar-t (aah-tay), found within the ‘third eye’ is connected with these qualities.

Sekhem Heka 7th Degree (Teacher) – Sefekh-nu
Nuit (noo-it), the neter of sky and stars, is representative of the path of magical seeking, as well as the higher self and knowledge. Sefekh-Nu is the ‘Master Degree’ of Sekhem Heka. Its shefat is Qemhu, the crown, which is connected with the idea of the higher, spiritual self.

Please note-The 7 degress will be sent in one session as 7 separate chi balls for you to work through each one in your own time and when you feel ready. There are exercises and meditations that need to be performed between each degree and you will need to work with the energies before moving onto the next degree. Sekhem Heka 7 levels is a journey that cannot be rushed, it is recommended that if you are interested in this system that you  ensure that you can commit your time and energy to it in order to attain the full benefits of this amazing system.

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

-Sekhem Heka 7 levels- 7 distance attunements sent to you via chi ball method
-Sekhem Heka 7 manuals (1 for each degree), digital download
–bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
–certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email.


Sekhem Heka 7 levels – £99


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