Free Meditation Course

Free meditation courseMeditation is the practise by which an individual calms and centres their mind to the point of silencing the everyday thoughts that run through their minds.

Given that we have about 50,00 thoughts a day, or 35 thoughts per minute, it is no wonder that so many people have huge problems when it comes to meditation!

So many people try meditation but feel it’s not for them because they cannot hush the chatter of their minds and end up frustrated instead of calm and relaxed.

Meditation is a beautiful way to centre yourself. It gives you strength to focus and perceive your world in a new way. It is by no means something that most of us from the Western world find easy to do, but with so many things in life-persistence pays off, just imagine if the first time you tried to walk you fell and gave up and said “it’s not for me”!

I learnt how to meditate over twenty years ago, but I do admit that for some years it was a very on/off relationship. However the benefits of meditation always pushed me to continue the practice and I’ve come to see meditation as a friend, or companion if you like that helps me through my days, no matter what they bring.

Once the technique of meditating is understood, it really is quite versatile, meditation can be done for five minutes or an hour, it can be done in the garden, out walking, sat in your own private sanctuary, in a group with others, etc.

Free Meditation Course

This free meditation course is designed for those of you you have never meditated before or have maybe tried but never quite got the hang of it. I have put in lots of tips and alternative strategies in your free meditation course to help you along the way.

The free meditation course is made up of six lessons that will provide you with simple yet powerful meditation techniques.

The lessons in this meditation course can be easily accommodated into even the busiest of lives and practised for however long you have the time for. The techniques are given to be developed by you when you are ready.

I hope you enjoy this free meditation course and that it helps you bring meditation and all it’s wonderful benefits into your everyday life!

Free Meditation Course 


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