Soul Care Attunements

Soul Care AttunementsBringing you connection and balance with your soul. Soul Care Attunements are a wonderful system of 5 attunements to help connect you  with your soul, eternal source energy. They were channeled by Mariah Windsong Napieralski in 2010.

To explain this system the founder writes, “Soul Care assists you to connect more strongly with your soul, and Eternal Sacred Source. The Shakti and Beings of Light who arrive with this energy system to guide and heal you are very happy that you will be asking for their help. Their presence every time you activate a function or level of Soul Care will be a comfort and reminder of your origins beyond this time and place. Soul Care energy system seeks to bring you into wholeness within your soul and bring more of you here.”

Soul Care Attunement 1
“Soul Care level 1 contains the attunement to the Rainbow Bridge Shakti. Rainbow Bridge Shakti is a Loving Divine Intelligence that you can ride with from here to where you connect into the Heart of Eternal Sacred Source. You ride with her on a Rainbow Bridge from here to your Higher Self, Soul, and onwards to the place where you connect into the Heart of Eternal Sacred Source.

Soul Care Attunement 2
“Soul Care Level 2 attunes you to the natural spin-speed ratio of“Krystal Spiral and Sequence”, the Eternal Merkabah. Eternal Ascension aligns with energy that is self sustaining from the center point of creation and is self regenerating instead of inorganic and finite. Soul Care Level 2 provides you access to a spiritual concept called Aspect Management. This gives you an easy energetic way to manage the focus and activities various aspects of you are engaged with at any one time.”

Soul Care Attunement 3
“Soul Care Level 3 provides you with Soul Cleanse and Soul Lights. Your attunement to Soul Care Level 3 does the initial cleansing of any karma, codes, imprints, harnesses, implants, nano-technology or limiting programs that are not in alignment with the Heart of Eternal Sacred Source. Your Soul Lights are lit with the full super saturated chromo color Eternal Lights. These contain all of the original Divine Blueprints of your evolutionary potential for sovereignty, enlightenment and regeneration.”

Soul Care Attunement 4
“Soul Care level 4 is designed to facilitate soul parts to return to your soul. These soul parts are then worked with intensively by the Strength Movers of the Light and your own Angels and other Helping Healing Ones in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source.
This differs from ‘traditional’ soul retrieval work in that your soul parts are called to return directly to your soul first, rather than to the incarnated you here in body. There is an increased efficacy in this work by encouraging your soul parts to re-unite within your soul, prior to their invitation to join you here on Earth in body.”

Soul Care Attunement 5
“For our final level of Soul Care there is assistance and transportation provided to bring parts of your soul here to integrate with you in physicality. We call this Descension and Integration. It is very difficult to ascend until you have enough concentration of yourself here in physicality. It is necessary to more fully descend before you can easily ascend.
Soul Care level 5 will assist the bringing of more of you here, today, for your life. A strong concentration of your soul here in body gives you ease of eventual ascension because more of your natural Divine Attributes are present here.”

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

-All Soul Care Attunement 1-5, distance attunements via chi ball (5 attunements in total)
-All Soul Care Attunement 1-5, original manuals by Mariah Windsong Napieralski (5 manuals in total), digital download
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course will be sent to you via e-mail

Please note the price for  Soul Care Attunements Package is fixed by the founder

Soul Care Attunements 1-5- £50


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