Bold Warrior Goddess Within

Bold Warrior Goddess WithinBold Warrior Goddess Within is part three of the three part series by Tracey Loper, of her HEALING THE MYTHIC GODDESS SELF SERIES

This system embodies the energies of many Warrior Goddesses so that when we are feeling overwhelmed in our lives we can call on the energies of this system to Find that Bold Warrior Goddess within to clear the path ahead and restore harmony and peace within us – while empowering us to move ahead fearlessly! We can also evoke these powerful Goddesses for Protection!

The Goddess Energies that embody the Bold Warrior Goddess within Healing System are:
Athena: Greek Warrior Goddess and Protectress. If someone giving you a rough time all you have to do is call on Athena tohelp you!
Brigid: Celtic Warrior Goddess and Protectress and Preserver. Brigid is also a Triple Goddess. She is strong and wise. Call on Brigid to help protect you in any tough situation!
Macha: Macha is of Ireland. She is known as the Mother of life and death and was a war Goddess. Macha is associated with ravens and crows. She dominates males with sexual cunning and force. When you need sexual energy and force for lovemaking you may call on Macha!
Andraste: Andraste is of Britain and was a war and nature Goddess who was associated with the hare and Goddess Ostara. Andraste is a warrior goddess, the goddess of victory, of ravens and of battles. She is a Goddess of Victory! If you need victory over anything in your life you can call on Andraste!
Morrigan: Morrígan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility. Her name translates as ‘Phantom Queen,’ which is entirely appropriate for Her. The Morrígan appears as both a single goddess and a trio of goddesses, which includes the Badb ‘Vulture’ and Nemain ‘Frenzy’. Morrígan is an appropriate deity for strong, independent people, particularly those on a warrior path. If you need strength to face any situation you can call on Morrigan!
Freya: Freya was a warrior goddess, a Valkyrie, and also the goddess of sensual love. The goddess Freya reminds us to explore and acknowledge all of our emotions, longings, and traits, even those we wish we didn’t possess. When you need any type of help standing up to someone you can invite Goddess Freya to help you in your battle! If you need protection there is no stronger Goddess than the fierce Freya!

The energies of the bold warrior goddess within can serve to reawaken the Bold Warrior Goddess within who is perilous and can accomplish any task big or small. The energies will reconnect us with our inner sense of direction and guidance.

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

–  Bold Warrior Goddess Within Reiki distance attunements via chi ball method
–  Bold Warrior Goddess Within Reiki original manual
– bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
– certificate and lineage if requested

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

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