Hunab Ku Reiki

Hunab Ku ReikiA powerful healing system to align and balance mind, body and spirit. Hunab Ku Reiki is a Mayan healing system that was founded by Francine Milford in 2008.

In the manual to accompany this attunement the founder explains, “The Hunab Ku was considered the King of the Mayan Gods, the supreme creator God of the Maya. He is the ancestor of both the Mayan and the Aztecs. He is represented in the solar calendar of perfection, the perfection that comes from having all forces in balance.  It is much like the Yin and Yang that come together to mean balance and unity.  It is within  this unity that creation originates.

Hunab Ku was also seen as the heart of the Milky Way, an aspect of spirit. He is the beacon for mankind to evolve beyond the realms of the physical nature and go beyond time and space. The name, Hunab Ku means ‘Sole God.’ Because he is said to be invisible and thus without form, there are no images of him…

The Hunab Ku symbol is both male and female. It is both consciousness and unconsciousness. It is both seen and unseen. Known and unknown. The symbol is an inverted black and white spiraling into the letter ‘G.’ Some say that the space between the spiraling ‘G’ represents the one- ness with God and the unity we share with all things. The spiraling ‘G’ represents movement, much like a picture of the Milky Way took like billions of stars and planets swirling around.  Everything is in constant motion. Motion and movement with balance, all is in perfect order.”

The very comprehensive 104 page manual that accompanies this attunement includes;

-About Hunab Ku
-The Chakra System
-The Hunab Ku Reiki Breath
-Hand positions for self-healing
-Hand positions for healing others
-Balancing chakras
-Room Clearing
-Attunement Process

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

-Hunab Ku Reiki-  distance attunement sent to you via chi ball method
-Hunab Ku Reiki manual by Francine Milford (104 pages), digital download
–bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
–certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email.

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Hunab Ku Reiki- £30


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