Amara Omni Spiritual Empowerment Reiki

Amara Omni Spiritual Empowerment

This Empowerment is a powerful energy-consciousness of individual empowerment and self-discovery.  Amara Omni Spiritual Empowerment was founded by Omar and Nichole Antila.

The following taken from the manual explains, “Even though Amara Omni can bring forth healing on all levels and dimensions, the actual intent is not to heal but to become aware of our subconscious currents. These deep “inner waters” hold the key to the mystery of our being.

The energy-consciousness of Amara Omni assists us to accept our wounds and issues as they are now and helps us to become fully aware of their reasons for manifesting. We all experience pain at some point or another and some experiences leave wounds that stay open even through many lifetimes. By becoming aware of the patterns that keep these wounds open, we finally allow them to heal naturally. Nothing needs to be undone or fixed, as our true nature is whole and perfect. Allowance is the only thing needed to experience healing.

Amara Omni will help us to see our “darkness”, our shadow self, and accept those aspects of ours that we do not like, or feel separated from. Amara will help us connect with our subconscious, where most of our true power and magic currently resides. The energy-consciousness will work with us so that we can bring these subconscious aspects into our conscious experience of who and what we are. Through understanding the mystery of our Self we reach mastery.

Amara Omni represents the aspect of the self that is fully grounded in its own divinity, radiating the full spectrum of its being outwards.

This Empowerment does not offer quick fixes to physical or psychological imbalances. It does not offer a fast path to “enlightenment” either. Amara simply offers a journey within. When we reach and experience the core we begin to understand everything that happens around it. In that space we can find true healing and empowerment.”

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-Amara Omni Spiritual Empowerment distance initiation via chi ball
-Amara Omni Spiritual Empowerment original manual, digital download
-bonus manuals including information about chakras,  self development, etc
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

Amara Omni Spiritual Empowerment – £30


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