Distant Reiki Attunement Benefits

Distant Reiki AttunementThere are so many benefits of choosing to receive a distant Reiki attunement. Distant Reiki attunements have been available for many decades now, yet many people still don’t consider it as an option for being attuned to an energy system. I am still amazed at how many Reiki practitioners don’t even realise that it is possible to receive a distant Reiki attunement, even though most worldwide Reiki Masters now agree that distant attunements are as effective as in-person attunements.

All of the attunements on this website are offered as distant attunement via chi ball. So, what are the benefits of receiving a distant Reiki attunement via chi ball?

Well for a start, distance! Distance is no object. It does not matter if you are on the other side of the world from the person who is attuning you. This has huge benefits for people who don’t live near active Reiki communities and Reiki Masters. It also means there is no travelling involved, you don’t need to spend time in busy traffic getting stressed before going for a Reiki attunement. In the past people travelled great distances to have an in-person attunement.

Learning in your own time-when you choose a distant attunement you are free to study the information for the attunement whenever you like, there is no set time limit to learning . When you have read and understood the necessary information, you can call in the attunement when you feel absolutely ready to do so. This could be days, weeks or even years after you purchased the distant Reiki attunement, it doesn’t matter, the energy in the chi ball never expires.

Receive the attunement in the comfort of your own home- this can be so important for many people, particularly if you don’t feel comfortable being around other students who you don’t really know.  An attunement is a very personal experience and for many people being able to do it in their own home is a huge advantage. It enables you to set time aside when you want to do it, this could be in the middle of the night, early in the morning, whenever you want-there is no fixed schedule. It also allows you to set the stage so to speak, you can do any preparations that you wish, take a cleansing bath, play your own choice of music, light incense and candles, sit in your own comfortable chair, have your own personal effects around you (crystals, blankets, mandalas, etc.)

Cost effective- most distant attunements are significantly cheaper than in-person attunements. This is important for people who are ready to expand their spiritual awareness but may not have the financial means to afford in-person courses.

Availability– The number of Reiki courses on offer as distant attunements is vast and so varied, you can choose from Animal Reiki to Shamanic Reiki, Abundance Reiki to traditional Usui Reiki and so much more!

One to one help and advice– whenever you purchase a distant Reiki attunement from New Earth Energies I always offer support, help and advice throughout your learning. This enables you to ask any questions and check any information you are unsure about before starting the attunement and after you have received the energies I’m always happy to help with any queries about using the new energies.

Distant Reiki attunements are very convenient and effective and are a popular way for many people to attune to energies that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

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