Distant Reiki Attunements for Anxiety Relief

Distant Reiki Attunements for Anxiety reliefIn these current times many people are experiencing anxiety and fear. Anxiety is something that not only lowers your energy vibration but also has a dramatic effect on your day to day living. I’ve collated my top 6 distant Reiki attunements for anxiety relief, these energies can help bring peace and calm, prevent overwhelm and restore your natural state of well-being.

Akal Empowerment by Stephanie Brail- This is a simple but very effective energy that uses a mantra to release fear and anxiety. The Akal Empowerment taps into the energy of a mantra in Gurmukhi that helps release fear and relax the mind. This energy is extremely powerful and yet soothing.

Anxiety Flush Reiki Empowerment by Amanda Hadley- The Anxiety Flush Reiki Empowerment is designed to help bring relief and release from feelings of habitual anxiety. The energies of this system come direct from Sacred Source energy and bring gentle, loving, calming energies that flow through you, clearing space for peace and calm to reside.

Lava Stone Anti-Anxiety Empowerment by Jay Burrell-This is a wonderful empowerment to help relieve and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and help you to feel much more self confident in your own inner ability to cope.

Eye of the Storm Reiki Attunement by Linda Colibert- Eye of the Storm Reiki connects you to Spirit and the calm, centeredness of the Eye of the Storm to help you remain calm, in control of any situation, and protected. The Eye of the Storm Reiki helps you to be able to relax, and know that you are safe.

Peace Reiki Attunement by Amanda Hadley– Peace Reiki is a gentle energy  to free you from disharmony, negative energies, limiting beliefs, worries, insecurities and all the negative effects these have on your body, mind and spirit. It the energies of peace, patience, acceptance and unconditional love.

Social Anxiety Disorder Flush by Tracey Loper-Social Anxiety Disorder Flush is a powerful energy system that can be used to help yourself and others deal with and overcome social anxiety, helping with public speaking, meeting new people, anxiety in social situations and much more.

Using the energies of the above attunements can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, enabling you to regain your personal power and raise your energy levels.

These attunements are offered as a means to help relieve anxiety and will work in conjunction with any Western Medicine/Treatment you may be receiving, BUT they should never take the place of a licensed medical practitioner. If you have any health concerns at all, please seek professional medical advice first.

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