Top 6 Protection Reiki Attunements

Top 6 Protection Reiki AttunementsI am asked a lot about Protection Reiki, whether it is for use during energy work or protecting your energies from energetic vampires and psychic attack, protecting yourself and your energies is an important part of healing and lightwork, so I’ve compiled a list of my top 6 protection Reiki attunements.

There are loads more to choose from in PROTECTION REIKI if you can’t find what you are looking for below!

ENERGY PROTECTION OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-This is one of my own channeled attunements and I use the energies a lot. The energies can be used when doing, sending or receiving any type of energy work. It ensures that the energies brought in and/or passed on are ONLY pure source energies.

TRIPLE SHIELD EMPOWERMENT-channeled by Stephanie Brail. This easy to use shield is is a wonderful way of enabling empaths to be around others without feeling intense overwhelm, or getting too caught up in the energies of others, it also protects against psychic attacks.

DIVINE ENERGY TRANSFORMERchannelled by Stephanie Brail. This is  a powerful energy that acts as an extra layer protecting your aura. The Divine Energy Transformer will redirect Reiki energy to a person instead of them attaching to your energy.

EMPATH PROTECTION ACTIVATION AND CLEARING – channeled by Tracey Loper. This attunement is invaluable to Empaths, it has incredible energies that are both powerful and gentle that enable you to use your Empath gifts in a way that is positive for you.

CONSTANTINE REIKI-THE POWER WITHIN- channeled by Linda Colibert. This attunement enables you to identify negative energies and psychic attacks easily and be able to protect yourself and let your light shine. The energies protect you and prevent darkness from dominating.

SACRED RAINBOW RIBBON OF PROTECTION– channeled by Charlotte Ann Snares is a simple and effective method of protecting yourself against lower energies and dark matters. It can also be used to strengthen the aura and chakras in healing sessions.

If you have any questions about  protection Reiki attunements  or any other attunements on the site, please contact me, I’ll help in any way that I can.

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