Top 6 Reiki Attunements to Make You Feel Good

Top 6 Reiki Attunements to Make you feel goodAll Lightworkers and energy healers can feel a little depleted sometimes, the nature of our work means that energy levels are constantly changing and sometimes we all need a little boost, so I’ve compiled a list of my top 6 Reiki attunements to make you feel good!

These are some energies that I use regularly to boost my own energy levels and help me feel invigorated and happy!

Rejuvenation Regeneration Reiki channeled by Linda Colibert. This is a beautiful energy that connects you to the Source Energy and your Higher Self for healing, recharging and regeneration of your body, mind, and spirit. It is an easy system to use and the energies work quickly to help you recharge.

Inner Beauty Reiki Attunement– channeled by Stephen Lovering. This is such a gentle and loving energy that will help to re-ignite the inner light and beauty that is within and help you to shine radiantly throughout each day.

Dancing Flames Reiki – channeled by Brandy Brown. This is a wonderful Reiki attunement to help re-kindle your inner fire and re-awaken your inner passions and flames, it connects you to source and invigorates your chakras and aura with its lively, playful energy.

Light of Love Reiki Empowerment- channeled by Amanda Hadley.  The energies of this empowerment fill your whole being with pure unconditional love. The energy helps to connect you back to Source energies, to re-connect with the divine, helping you feel supported and nurtured.

Happiness Flush Empowerment – channeled by Tracey Loper. This is a lovely empowerment to help you release any energy blocks that have built up that are preventing you from feeling happiness in every area of your life.

Ocean Breeze Reiki Empowerment– channeled by Elizabeth Ami. This invigorating energy will help to  bring clarity and clear away old, negative debris that has been accumulating, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed  and light.

These energies are all wonderful for helping you feel light and re-connected to Source energy, helping to provide an often much needed recharge!

If you have any questions about  these Reiki attunements  or any other attunements on the site, please contact me, I’ll help in any way that I can.

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