Your Inner Guidance System

Inner Guidance SystemYour Inner Guidance System
We are often bombarded with the ideas and opinions of others. They are often given with the best of intentions, at other times not, but your own inner guidance system should always be the first and last voice that you follow.

There is nothing wrong with listening to others and valuing their opinion, but remember-
Nobody else can walk your path, be in your shoes or truly know what is best for you more than your own self does. The problem is that we often don’t trust our inner voice, we prefer to listen to others, follow their guidelines and give up our own power, our responsibility. It takes great courage to follow your inner truth, especially when everything and everyone around you is pointing in the opposite direction.

It takes great courage because it is not always immediately evident why our inner guidance system is pushing us in a certain direction, a direction that to others is foolish, irresponsible or just crazy! This can lead to fears of being judged by others and the dreaded “What if it all goes wrong?” Of course if you always follow the advice of others you will always be protected as it is their responsibility and therefore not your fault, right?

As I said it takes courage, but when you follow your own inner wisdom and guidance system you feel supported by yourself, no matter how things work out, you will be there for yourself and you will move on, there is no blame, no regret, just progression along a path you are meant to walk on.
We are born with an inner guidance system, it has always been there and will always be there, but the more it is ignored or over-ridden the weaker the voice is and the more distant we feel from out true self. Our inner guidance system connects us to source energy and the closer we are to it and listen to it the closer our connection to source is.

But, how do I know it’s my inner guidance?
We all have little gremlins in our head, our ego, trying to sabotage things for us, often in a misguided attempt to protect us and keep us safe, but nevertheless sabotaging! Your inner guidance system will never steer you to do anything that deep down does not feel right, does not feel in line with your values, your core ideals. Sometimes your inner guidance system may steer you to take action that on the surface makes you feel nervous, but this is only because it is new or will in some way shake things up a bit and therefore disgruntle your ego, but if something feels very wrong or very negative-then it’s not your inner guidance system talking to you.

The more you practise listening to your inner guidance system the easier it will become to connect with it and know it’s voice. You can start with listening to yourself over little things if it makes you feel more comfortable and then as you grow in courage, knowing you are being steered by source energy, you can start listening for guidance for everything in your life and let yourself be guided by spirit not driven by ego.

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