Imara Reiki Attunement


Imara Reiki Imara means “more”, referring to the higher energy the system connects to. Barton Wendel first channeled the Imara Reiki system. Please note you will need to be attuned to Reiki Master to receive this Attunement.

Imara Reiki is a Reiki of a higher vibration energy level than most common Reiki modalities. The energy is very powerful and can be used for self healing and healing others.

In some modalities, the healing energies of Reiki are split up into vibration bands. For those familiar with that system. Usui Reiki takes up the first band, Karuna Ki Reiki occupies the second band, and Imara Reiki is from the third band.

The healing energy of Reiki when split up into vibration (frequency) bands,  Imara Reiki is a “Level 5” on the “Reiki scale”. For comparison reasons only: Traditional Usui Reiki is lever 1-3 (First grade, second grade, and Master) and Karuna Ki Reiki is considered Level 4.

The Imara energy has a slightly different feel. This is an intense form of Reiki energy and as such you need to be attuned to a master level in Usui Reiki. Once attuned it is easy to tap into and use Usui, Karuna Ki, etc.

Imara does not use symbols and the attunement to pass this energy onto others is easier than many traditional forms.

Imara Reiki is known for it’s capability to heal past life issues and also to heal repressed issues. Imara can help to heal areas of your life that lie in the unconscious but have an affect on your everyday life

Messages or visions are quite common in an Imara  session because of the high vibrational nature of this system.

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

-Imara distance Reiki attunement via chi ball
-Imara course manual (11 pages)
-bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

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Imara Reiki Attunement – £20


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