Kava Reiki Attunements

Kava Reiki AttunementsLove and compassion, powerfully working with heart communication. The Kava Reiki Attunements were channeled and founded by Rosemary Feld in 2002. Please note you will need to have at least Usui Reiki Level 2 or equivalent before receiving these attunements.

In the manual to accompany these attunements the founder explains, “The Kava Reiki attunements will attune you to the Heart Communication Reiki Energy. This Reiki system makes use of the love and compassion communication energies of reiki in healing and communication.

There are several aspects to the Kava Reiki Attunement, which gives you many healing possibilities with this system:
· Heart Opening/Healing to removes heart blocks, heal any heart wounds and open the heart and reconnect the person to the Loving Source Energy that they truly are.
· Heart Telepathy Activations to initiate the heart telepathic ability.
· Heart Breath and Compassion Wave Activations to allow the use of the heart chakra muscle and to send and receive heart communication energy.”

There are 7 attunements for Kava Reiki to the 5 levels:
4 levels at Practitioner levels 1-4 – 4 attunements
1 Master level- the Master/Teacher level also includes 2 extra attunements for this level- 3 attunements

The Levels of Kava Reiki are:
Kava Reiki Level 1: Healing With Kava Reiki
The first level of Kava Reiki will personally attune you to the 3 Kava Reiki Heart symbols. Your heart star will become activated at this level. This is where your heart becomes like a bright star, once the healing has taken place and the heart opened.

Kava Reiki Level 2: Other Kava Reiki Healing Tools
Kava Reiki offers various other healing tools and methods for you to use allowing a more proactive approach to your healing.
The 2nd level attunement will activate your Heart Breath and Compassion Wave, as well as opening you to more of the Kava Reiki energies. You will also be receiving a deeper level healing to your heart center, at this point.

Kava Reiki Level 3: Communicating with Kava Reiki
Healing through communication is what Kava Reiki is all about. Kava Reiki focuses in on the communication energies of the love and compassion rays of Reiki. When you are using Kava Reiki, you are opening a direct line of communication between you, the person, thing or situation you are sending healing to.
Your ability to communicate through the heart will be opened, by activating your heart telepathy abilities the heart communication and heart translation abilities in particular.

Kava Reiki Level 4: Heart Opening/Healing
The final Kava Reiki Attunement, before the Master’s Level will open you to more of the Kava Reiki energies and perform a very deep level of heart healing. In addition, your heart transmutation ability will be activated, which allows you to be able to transmute all communications coming and going, to a loving vibration.
Also, during this attunement, you will become personally attuned to the 10 Kava Number Symbols. These symbols are doorways to different dimensions, and open to self-discovery as you learn and develop the Kava Reiki system.

Kava Reiki Master Level
The master level attunement opens the person to a large amount of Kava Reiki energies and can be a very intensive experience. This is the attunement that allows the person to pass on the Kava Reiki attunements to others. There are two additional Kava Master attunements included in this package, Master Level 2 expansion attunement, this attunement is an expansion of the awareness of the Self as Source and Master Level 3 anchoring the expansion into the physical embodiment

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

-Kava Reiki -ALL 7 distance attunements to All 5 levels via chi ball
-Kava Reiki original course manuals- practitioner levels 1-4 (31 pages) and Master Teacher manual (24 pages)
-bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

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