Negative Entities Clearing Reiki

Negative Entities Clearing ReikiNegative Entities Clearing Reiki is a great system you can use everyday to help protect and cleanse yourself. It was founded by Ali Afnan.

In the manual to accompany the attunement Ali explains “Negative Entities Clearing Reiki has 5 levels and 1 symbol which is always used and in the first 4 levels the Negative Entities or energy already present in the person are taken out and then in the 5th level the Symbol is put into the Aura and then one can use it and must use it on all the seven chakras and then the aura before starting out the Day.

Level 1
It will clear the blockages in the energy body and will clear out the negative debris in the Aura.
Level 2
It will clear out the other levels of the aura to make them more vibrant and energetic
Level 3
It will clear out the negative things from the Seven Chakras so the energy the positive energy can move more freely.
Level 4
In this level the other person receiving the attunement comes to the practitioner level and he can heal others and also take out the negative things attached to the person’s aura or atmosphere. He will use the symbol to do that so symbol will be given to him but he can do it without the symbol.
Level 5
In this level the person is now Master/ Teacher and can pass on the attunements and the symbol will truly help him to give the attunements further to others and he will use to clear spaces and people’s auras and chakras and end negativity from there , the use of the symbol he can even trap the demons and then they cant harm others.

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki is for clearing spaces and to be free of negative things forever as they can’t return and to free the people who are possessed of anything negative and to take out negative things out from the aura and to protect it from further attacks and if some negativity comes up then can clear it by the symbol and be free of it again.”

A knowledge of healing and energy work is recommended before taking these attunements.

-Negative Entities Clearing Reiki -5 distance attunements via chi ball
-Negative Entities Clearing Reiki original manual by Ali Afnan, digital download
-bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

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Negative Entities Clearing Reiki – £30


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