White Elephant Attunement

white elephant attunement

The White Elephant attunement was originally channeled & written by Gail Schumann as part of the LightWorkers series.

White elephants have for centuries be regarded as sacred. White elephants were kept by Southeast Asian monarchs in Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. To possess a white elephant was regarded (and is still regarded in Thailand and Myanmar) as a sign that the monarch was ruling with justice and power, and that the kingdom was blessed with peace and prosperity.

The tradition derives from tales in the scriptures which associate a white elephant with the birth of Buddha, as his mother was reputed to have dreamed of a white elephant presenting her with a lotus flower, a symbol of wisdom and purity, on the eve of giving birth.

The white elephant was something above an ordinary elephant. It had sacred power. It was the mount of the war god. It brought fertility. For the kings of Burma and Siam, the possession of these sacred beasts became very important. A king who had many, fine white elephants would be successful – his kingdom would prosper and his reign would be long. If his white elephants died, it foretold disaster for king and kingdom.

The Elephant Totem indicates strength, luck and wisdom. The Elephant was the Totem animal of the God Shiva, the Destroyer, who seeks to banish illusion and encourage clearer perception. Shiva and his Goddess wife, Radha produced, as one of their offspring, the Elephant headed God Ganesha.

The White elephant is considered sacred in India and too priceless to be used for work or for warfare. Buddhists believe that Buddha shows himself as the form of the White elephant as one of his manifestations. The rare appearance of a White Elephant is still heralded as a manifestation of the Gods. The Chinese see the Elephant as the embodiment of sexual prowess, royalty, strength of purpose and discretion.

One who has the power of the Elephant will see enhanced insight and intuition; a better sense of family values allowing one the ability to tap the resources of the strength of a tight knit family unit. Wisdom, longevity, devotion to family, nobility and grace are all part of this amazing animals totems.

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