You Are Love Activation

You are love activation

You are Love Activation is a wonderful and gentle activation overflowing with angelic energies. The following is taken from the manual, “The information given here was taken from a channeled message from Archangel Raphael.

Our beloved Archangel Raphael ends all of his inspiring messages to us all with You Are Love. Raphael emphasizes that each and every Being on this our earthly planet is love! We are total love! The energy associated with those tender words is at all times exceedingly prevailing.

In this most recent message from Raphael, it was his definite sentiment that there were too many Beings who didn’t really accept as true that they were in totality love. Raphael indicated that All Beings do want to consider this yet there are distinct reasons why some Beings will not allow themselves to sincerely deem it so.

Our Archangel firmly states the ‘actual’ explanation is directly related to the lack of enthusiasm and pessimism which took place through the generations from the last Age of Innocence up to the present Now…

Raphael profoundly stated that if an individual felt they were not love, total love, then, most likely, the reason was known to the person. Most Beings, if not all, like the sound of the words, You Are Love, but some individuals feel they are not worthy of being love, total and complete love.

Archangel Raphael’s loving activation, You Are Love, is an entirely soothing, tranquil, and peaceful activation. Our beloved Raphael refers to this activation as an experience devoted to YOU, for it is your Divine right to know and fully believe that You Are Love. And, that is the essence of this activation! It will support an individual in better understanding him/herself and to accept as truth that You Are Love.”

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-You Are Love distance empowerment via chi ball
-You Are Love manual (7 pages), digital download
-bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

You Are Love Activation – £10


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