Green Tara Seichim Reiki Attunement

Green Tara Seichim

Powerful combination of Seichim with peaceful, healing  energies of Green Tara. Green Tara Seichim was founded by Stephen Comee. 

PRE-REQUISITE- Experienced USUI REIKI MASTER. It is a high energy system and it is necessary to have prior experience of healing techniques and know how to heal intuitively.

Seichim, a word (pronounced “SAY-keem”) of unknown origin-but closely related to the ancient Egyptian word sekhem, which means life-force, or energy-is used to indicate a system of healing that many feel has ancient origins in Tibet.

This practice is said to have been handed down from very ancient times.

Seichim is not a religion, although this healing practice is becoming known in all cultures throughout the world. It has a built-in spiritual dimension. Seichim is a unity concept, because it is now accepted globally. Seichim teaches unity and harmony. Seichim is in harmony with nature and can be used to heal plants and trees, people and animals, and can even be used to help purify and harmonize water and air.

The Green Tara Seichim manual for this attunement was prepared by Stephen Comee, it is very detailed and has beautiful illustrations and in depth information about the system.

 Manual Contents
What Is Green Tara Seichim?
What Is Seichim?
Ancient Origins
Seichim and Buddhism
Origin of the Cult of Tara
Her Name
More Than One Tara? The Two Wives
Green Tara Relation to Amitabha
White Tara
About the Tara Mantras
Who Is Tara and Why Do We Pray to Her?
The Origin of Tara
Why Do We Need to Practice Tara
The Benefits of Tara Practice
Green Tara and the Twenty-One Taras
The Symbolism of Green Tara
The Twenty-One Taras
The Mantra of Tara
Green Tara Heart Exercise
The Popular Mantras of Some Forms of Tara

Other Popular Forms of Tara
a) Kurukulle (Wrathful Red/Black Tara)
b) Norgyun (Peaceful Yellow Tara)
c) Marici (Peaceful Red/Yellow Tara)
d) Red Tara (Peaceful Red Tara)

The Process of Using Green Tara Seichim
4 Tibetan Symbols to Use with the Green Tara Healing Energy
Self-Empowerment Method
Method of Green Tara Empowerment
Tibetan Empowerment Method

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

-Green Tara Seichim distance attunement via chi ball
-Green Tara original detailed manual (30 pages)by Stephen Comee, digital download
-bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

Green Tara Seichim Reiki Attunement – £39


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