Stonehenge Energies Attunement

Stonehenge Energies AttunementStonehenge Energies Attunement is a wonderful attunement to align you with the healing energies of Stonehenge for self healing and healing others.  It was founded by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman.

In her manual to accompany this attunement the founder explains, “Since the early Middle Ages, Stonehenge has been seen as a source of healing. In the 12th century, the inventive historian Geoffrey of Monmouth, wrote that the stones were originally erected by giants, who used them to heal the sick: “They used to pour water over them and to run this water into baths in which their sick were cured. There is not a single stone among them which hasn’t some medicinal value.”

Many followers of alternative medicine still believe that these stones can heal. A common idea is that some kind of energy flows through the stones, and that this can be tapped by healers. Underlying these ideas is the notion that the site for Stonehenge was deliberately chosen by its builders, in order to tap powerful energies deep within the landscape. The idea is that they had an extra sense, which we have lost, which allowed them to detect this energy.”

Working with the Energies of Stonehenge will Help you With :
*Find Your Life Path and Mission
* Be more Aligned
* Having Conscience
* Improves Divination
* Be able to Co-Create
* Balance Yin and Yang
* Cleanses Karma
* Improves Healing much Faster

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

–Stonehenge Energies Attunement distance attunement sent to you via chi ball method
–Stonehenge Energies Attunement  original manual by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman.
–bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
–certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email.

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