What is a Chi Ball in Reiki

What is a Chi BallWhat is a Chi Ball in Reiki? A chi ball is a unique ball of energy, which I create for you containing the attunement of your choice. Chi balls never expire and once a chi ball is created it will continue to exist until the energy it contains is called in by the receiver and activated. All the courses on this site are offered as distant attunements via a chi ball. For more information about distant attunements, please read-What are Distant Attunements?

How does a Chi Ball in Reiki work?
Firstly, the teacher creates the chi ball with their hands and fills it with pure source energy, stating who the chi ball is intended for. Once the chi ball exists the teacher can then perform the attunement (sometimes using a proxy like a teddy bear or pillow) in exactly the same way as they would perform an in-person attunement but with the intention that the attunement be sealed in the chi ball until the person it is intended for calls it in. The Chi Ball is then sealed and the energy inside protected and it is sent energetically to the student to activate.

When you (the student) call in the chi ball you automatically activate the energies of the attunement and will be connected to and absorb the particular energy vibration it holds and you will be attuned, just as if it was an in-person attunement.

Why choose chi ball method?
The chi ball method is convenient and just as powerful as in-person attunements. When you receive an attunement via chi ball you can call it in whenever you want and wherever you want to. This allows you as much time as you need to read and understand the manual, ask any questions and then prepare yourself in your time zone to receive the attunement in whatever manner is most agreeable to you.

Once you are attuned to any system the connection is forever, however the more you use the energies the more powerful they will become. Being attuned is only the first step, it is important to use and internalise the new energies as much as possible.

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