6 Ways to Increase Your Vibration

Increase Your VibrationEverything around us is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Scientific research has shown that a healthy body normally vibrates at around 62-68hz whilst lower frequencies suggest a weakened immune system and illness. There are many factors that can cause a lower vibration; negative thoughts, electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones, eating mass produced foods, stress, exposure to harmful chemicals, etc. These frequencies have been shown to lower our vibration over time and are thought to make us vulnerable to disease. So, if you increase your vibration, you can increase your wellbeing.

Here are six ways to increase your vibration and improve your overall wellbeing;

1. Practise Gratitude
Practise saying “THANK YOU”. It doesn’t have to be to anybody in particular, you can thank the Universe for waking up each morning, for the air you breath, for the food you have, for your home, etc. You can write a list if you want, it’s amazing how long it will become! Feeling appreciation for yourself and all that you have will help raise your vibration. It’s good to practise every morning when you wake up and/or every night when you go to bed.

2. Eat High Vibrational Food
Food has a whole range of vibrations, from zero upwards. Things like mass produced red meat, processed foods, coffee, have a very low vibration whereas organic fresh vegetables, nuts, green tea, have a much higher vibration. Our bodies absorb the vibration of what we eat.

3. Be Conscious of Your Thoughts
The more positive your thoughts the higher your vibration will be. Negative thoughts promote negative thinking which leaves us feeling heavy and weighed down, less energetic and lethargic, whereas positive thinking helps us feel lighter, more vibrant and energetic, because our thoughts are actually influencing our vibration.

4. Take Time to Appreciate Nature
Go for a walk or out into the garden and plant your feet firmly on the earth and appreciate the beauty and wonder that is nature all around us. We rarely take time to look around and appreciate nature, but it is a quick and easy way to raise your vibration and help you feel calm and grounded.

5. Smile!
Smiling helps to release endorphins which in turn raise your vibration. Smiling has been proven to reduce stress, lighten your mood and strengthen the immune system. So, put on your best grin and feel the benefits.

6. Love
Love is one of the highest vibrations we experience. Take 5 minutes and think about someone or something (pets, people, it doesn’t matter) that you truly love and just observe yourself. The more you focus on the feeling of love, the more your vibration expands and the lighter and calmer you feel.

There are many ways to increase your vibration, but these are some of my favourites.

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