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6 Easy Ways to Deal With Negative Emotions

6 easy ways to deal with negative emotions

From time to time we all experience negative emotions it’s normal and often a necessary part of our spiritual growth, but if negative emotions start to become the norm it can be damaging for your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Below are 6 easy ways to deal with negative emotions and prevent them from taking …

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6 Ways to Increase Your Vibration

Increase Your Vibration

Everything around us is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Scientific research has shown that a healthy body normally vibrates at around 62-68hz whilst lower frequencies suggest a weakened immune system and illness. There are many factors that can cause a lower vibration; negative thoughts, electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones, eating mass produced …

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How Self-talk Affects Our Reality

How Self-talk affects our reality

The words we choose for our self-talk play an incredibly important role in influencing and creating our physical reality, but many of us don’t notice how much our self-talk is shaping our perceptions. Self-talk are the words you use to affirm yourself and your life, sometimes these words are positive, uplifting and supportive, other times …

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Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Our thoughts create our reality

We live in an all-inclusive Universe, every thought that we have, that we give feeling to, gets to be included in our current reality whether we like it or not. The Universe does not distinguish between good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong, it just reacts to our current vibration and reflects it …

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Top 6 Abundance Reiki Attunements

Tope 6 Abundance Reiki Attunements

Abundance is something I often get asked about. Abundance Reiki can be used to attract anything in your life that you want to have a lot more of, whether it is wealth, prosperity, good health, peace, love, friends, etc. Abundance Reiki helps you to lift your vibration so that you are vibrating at the level …

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The Present Moment-Connecting With Source

The Present Moment

The present moment is all that exists. The past has gone the future is yet to come, there is only now and now is the time when you are connected to source energy. When you look back to the past, particularly to negative events or when you look back with longing because you do not …

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Harmonise Body Mind and Spirit

Harmonise body mind and spirit

Bringing your body, mind, and spirit into harmony can be a tough job! One essential part of uniting these three elements of your person is knowing what makes you passionate. Knowing what makes you passionate will help you get in touch with your soul, to feel creative energy, to feel truly alive. Whether it’s through dance, …

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