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6 Easy Ways to Deal With Negative Emotions

6 easy ways to deal with negative emotions

From time to time we all experience negative emotions it’s normal and often a necessary part of our spiritual growth, but if negative emotions start to become the norm it can be damaging for your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Below are 6 easy ways to deal with negative emotions and prevent them from taking …

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Breathing and Relaxation

Breathing and Relaxation

Breathing and Relaxation-it sounds so simple but it’s far too easy in modern living to fall into the stress mode of life. Some of us are stressed from the moment we wake up without even realising it. There are so many things that build up through the day that can cause stress, it doesn’t have …

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Creating your Own Meditation Space

Meditation Space

Having a Meditation Space can be a very important part of having meditation in your life. It can become part of your ritual. The space doesn’t have to be huge, just a secluded nook in the home where you can be quiet, a place where you can relax, calm down and meditate. A place to …

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The Benefits of Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is becoming more and more popular. It is used by many people not only to relax from a busy day but also to connect their mind, body and spirit. For many people their days have become more stressful, the world has become more crowded and more worldly problems have arisen. Guided meditation can …

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The Chakras and Yoga Part One

Chakras and Yoga

This article, the chakras and yoga is in two parts for ease of reading. The topic of the Chakras is huge and I am by no means going into every detail here, the same goes for the subject of Yoga. This article has been written to give a brief overview of the chakras, how they …

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Yoga Makes You Feel Good.

Yoga makes you feel good

If you are feeling a bit flat or low this time of year you might want to consider taking up, or re-taking up the Practise of Yoga. Yoga is a great mood enhancer. Like all forms of exercise, yoga releases hormones that help ease feelings of stress that often lead to feeling low or depressed. …

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Lift Your Spirits, Four Quick and Easy Ways.

Lift Your Spirits

Are you feeling the Winter Blues? I know the short days often take their toll on me, so here are four quick and easy ways to lift your spirits that you can try any time. 1. Breathe Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed and palms on your lap. Take a slow and deep breath …

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