6 Easy Ways to Deal With Negative Emotions

6 easy ways to deal with negative emotionsFrom time to time we all experience negative emotions it’s normal and often a necessary part of our spiritual growth, but if negative emotions start to become the norm it can be damaging for your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Below are 6 easy ways to deal with negative emotions and prevent them from taking hold.

1. Self-care is the best medicine. Putting yourself first, taking time to enjoy a little “me” time can alleviate negative emotions. It can be something simple like a pamper session and hot bath, curling up with a good book, cooking yourself something special, or anything that helps you feel you are taking care of yourself. Boost your self-care.

2. Know what negative emotions feel like to you – both physically and emotionally. Being aware of how your emotions feel, being in touch with them and acknowledging them is the first step to working with them and releasing them. We often try to ignore them or push them away, but this doesn’t work, we need to understand where they come from, how they feel and then work to release them.

3. When a situation triggers a negative response within you try and remove yourself from it, go outside, take a walk, preferably in nature if you can. This isn’t always possible to do, but removing yourself for a short time can help you gather up enough positive energy to go back and face the situation with a positive mindset.

4. Vent to a trusted friend. The act of sharing your feelings will help bring calm and help you feel that you are not alone.

5. Breathe -practise breathing techniques to slow down your mind and body and bring peace and calm. Alternate Nostril Breathing is an amazing breathing technique to balance mind body and spirit.

6. Practise gratitude, list all the things that are good about your life and that you are grateful for. Practising gratitude can have an amazing uplifting effect.

These are 6 easy ways to deal with negative emotions that you can bring into your daily routine.

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