Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Our thoughts create our realityWe live in an all-inclusive Universe, every thought that we have, that we give feeling to, gets to be included in our current reality whether we like it or not. The Universe does not distinguish between good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong, it just reacts to our current vibration and reflects it back to us-so our thoughts create our reality.

Every thought that you have that causes you to have a feeling, an emotion about it will be included in some way in your reality. So the thoughts we think of often and charge with high emotions are often what we see constantly showing up. If you are unhappy in your job and feel stuck and unappreciated, these thoughts generate feelings of helplessness, unfairness and worthlessness and these thoughts create reality. The Universe mirrors back to you what you giving your attention to, what you are putting out there.

Well that’s all fine and dandy if you are really good at looking on the bright side and being the eternal optimist, but for many people the information that our thoughts create our reality isn’t always the best news….but it is! It gives you back your power, you puts you in control. You and only you are in charge, nobody else can change your reality, just you!

Once you internalise this amazing yet simple piece of information you begin to feel empowered. Of course, others can try to put a damper on things with their own negativity, but it is only your thoughts and feelings that can bring about changes, not theirs. Each thought is like a seed, you can let that seed fall on dry earth and wither or you can nurture and feed it, let it grow and flourish into something real.

The more you cultivate thoughts of things that you want the easier it is to see evidence of them showing up in your reality and the easier it is to have a positive mindset that only gives feeling and emotion to the things that you want and lets other unwanted thoughts pass by. The key is to give attention to what you want and not to what you don’t want because our thoughts create our reality.

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