Top 6 Abundance Reiki Attunements

Tope 6 Abundance Reiki AttunementsAbundance is something I often get asked about. Abundance Reiki can be used to attract anything in your life that you want to have a lot more of, whether it is wealth, prosperity, good health, peace, love, friends, etc. Abundance Reiki helps you to lift your vibration so that you are vibrating at the level of what you wish to attract rather than be caught in the trap of vibrating at the level of things you don’t want to attract and those things continually appearing because they are matching your vibration! So, here are my top 6 Abundance Reiki Attunements.

RISING VIBRATIONS REIKI– channeled by Linda Colibert.  This is a great attunement for lifting your vibration and enhance your abilities to manifest your desires in your life.

ABUNDANCE AWAKENING ATTUNEMENT– this is one of my own attunements. This attunement is a wonderful burst of awakening energies  connecting you to source energy and to unlimited abundance, the energies  enable you to fully realize and internalise the fact that we live in an unlimited abundant universe.

DESIRE MANIFESTATION EMPOWERMENT– channeled by Argandini Titisari. It is an effective empowerment that you can use to manifest your desires and to help others with any issues they may have about their desires.

PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS EMPOWERMENT– channeled by Tracey Loper.  This empowerment aims to heighten your abilities to manifest abundance in all areas of your life, it helps to root out  negative thinking which is causing an experience of lack so that we can attract a bounty of abundance.

ABUNDANCE FLUSH EMPOWERMENTS 1-6– channeled by Stephanie Brail. These are a wonderful set of 6 empowerments that build on the energies of the previous, clearing blocks, magnetizing, raising vibration, clearing, creating flow and more.

999 SILVER RAY ABUNDANCE ENERGY– channeled by Daelyn Wolf. The energy of 999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy is extremely high. It can raise your energy enough for you to jump into the next level up of abundance. It is a powerful energy to help you overcome the energetic dimensional level you are stuck in.

If you have any questions about  Abundance Reiki attunements  or any other attunements on the site, please contact me, I’ll help in any way that I can.

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