The Present Moment-Connecting With Source

The Present MomentThe present moment is all that exists. The past has gone the future is yet to come, there is only now and now is the time when you are connected to source energy. When you look back to the past, particularly to negative events or when you look back with longing because you do not feel the present  moment is as good as the past was, you loose your connection to source, your vibration becomes low and you immediately begin to experience negative feelings of longing, regret and want.

Of course the past has much to teach us, but we need to learn its lessons and then move forward and not keep dipping back into it in a negative way.

If you find yourself playing over and over in your mind an old memory of a negative event, wishing you had done something differently, said something else, you have not learnt and moved on, you are stuck in that memory and whenever you are stuck there you are not connecting to the present and therefore not connecting to source energy in this moment.

Similarly when you look back at a good memory but with longing because things are no longer the same and you feel that they were better in the past, you are lowering your current vibration and attracting more of what you don’t want into the current situation, into the present.

We can use memories positively to grow and develop. Memories help us to learn, they help us understand and then we can move on, moving on with new, fresh awareness and understanding for the present and ultimately the future.

When you find yourself being nostalgic try to bring to your mind memories that make you smile, memories that make you feel good about yourself in this moment, memories that remind you how amazing you are and allow yourself to raise your vibration, staying in contact with source and bringing more and more positive energies into the present moment and the current situation.

We all have flashbacks to the past, sometimes of things that make us feel sad, frustrated, hopeless, but these need only be fleeting moments, if they are prolonged and frequent then your current vibration will become lower and lower and you will feel more and more disconnected from source, adrift and off course. It can easily become an habitual way of thinking and happen without you noticing, but living in the past is not beneficial to the present. It is important to be present, to be connected to source and feel alive now in this moment no matter what has happened or is happening.

Everything is in a constant state of change, nothing stays the same, even if this current moment does not feel good-it will change and your vibration is one of the key things that determines which way it will change.

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