Bio Life Kundalini Attunement

Bio Life Kundalini AttunementThis energy can help remove any blocks that have previously prevented a Kundalini awakening/rising. Bio Life Kundalini attunement was channeled by Reiki Master Mariah Windsong Couture in 2010.

In her manual to accompany this attunement the founder explains, “Bio Life Kundalini is a comprehensive energy system that gently and  effectively dissolves away any plugs in your chakras or spine that previously  inhibited your Kundalini’s movement and rise within your body. It activates  in every cell’s nuclei and DNA spiral fueling you through your microcosm.

Bio Life Kundalini is unique for many reasons, the most important of  which is that your Kundalini will awaken within the nuclei of each cell in  your body, in your DNA! Your Kundalini may travel the ‘usual’ path up  your spine, but it will also be active within each cell of your body! This  greatly increases its Bio Life activity in every part of your body!”

The purpose of the Bio Life Kundalini attunement is three fold:
1) To release any energy plugs that have restricted your Kundalini from activating within your DNA and entire body.

2) To provide you with the right to activate Bio Life Kundalini anytime to fuel your passion for any endeavor or prayer.

3) To provide you with the right to pass a Bio Life Kundalini onward to any other sincere seeker to release their energy plugs so that their own Kundalini can awaken naturally when it is ready.

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement

-Bio Life Kundalini distance attunement via chi ball
-Bio Life Kundalini original manual by Mariah Windsong Couture  (9 pages), digital download
-bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
-certificate and lineage if requested
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

Please note that the price for this attunement is fixed by the founder.

Bio Life Kundalini Attunement- £20

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