Reiki Distant Healing Sessions


distant healing sessionsReiki Distant Healing

Reiki means Universal Life Energy. Once a person is attuned to this energy they can send it to others via a distant healing session. Because Reiki energy is not limited by time or space the receiver does not need to be present.

Distance Healing works no matter what the receiver is doing. They do not have to do anything special to prepare for it or do anything during it to gain all the benefits. Once sent it will simply find the receiver and begin its work.

During and after a reiki distant healing session the receiver automatically absorbs the positive Universal Life Energy and this boost enables them to clear blockages and begin self healing.

Reiki Distance Healing can be sent for many physical, mental and spiritual reasons such as;

–  pain relief caused by injuries or other physical conditions, to boost the immune system, accelerate natural healing after an operation or other form of treatments, promote restful sleep
– stress release, relieve depression or anxiety, emotional imbalance, overcoming addiction
– helping to reduce anxiety over a particular event, like an exam, job interview etc.
– easing the transition for the terminally ill and their families
and many, many more. If you are unsure if it will help feel free to contact me.

Distance Healing can also be used as a regular booster to keep body, mind and spirit in harmony.

Distance Healing sessions can be purchased for yourself, loved ones, friends or pets. There really is no limit to those who can benefit from receiving this wonderful gentle energy.

I use traditional Usui Reiki Distant Healing to set up the healing session and then depending on the reason for the request I may incorporate other Reiki energy systems, for example animal reiki healing, kundalini energy healing, chakra reiki healing, crystal healing, etc.

Please remember that ultimately Distant Healing is sent for the greatest and highest good of the receiver and the energy cannot change the receiver’s free will or chosen path .

I offer the following;

1 Distant Healing Session – £15 (approx half an hour)


3 Distant Healing Sessions- £39 (approx half an hour per session)


Distant Healing Once a Week for 1 month – £48 (approx half an hour each)


If you require something different to any of the above, please let me know.

After payment is received I will e-mail you to ask the name of the receiver, area and reason for requesting healing.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing healing sessions.



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