How to Make Amethyst Psychic Protection Aura Spray

Amethyst Psychic Protection Aura SpraySimple, quick, energy protection against psychic attack. Amethyst Psychic Protection Aura spray can be used as often as needed and can be carried with you to use at any time during the day and it’s really easy to make.

Many, many people have noted the increase in psychic attacks recently and whilst there are many wonderful attunements to help and protect I also like combining these with other methods. The Amethyst Psychic Protection Aura Spray is one of my favourite alternative methods to combat psychic attack.

Amethyst has been renowned for centuries as a powerful protection stone and has been used to guard against psychic attack, the evil eye, electromagnetic energies from computers, etc. and any negative energies. It is known as the stone of transmutation, transmuting negative energies to positive energies of love. It has strong healing and cleansing properties and is the perfect crystal to use to create your own aura spray.

The spray will invigorate, cleanse and protect your aura. You can also use it as a room cleanser to protect spaces you are in, such as your home, office, car, etc.

How to make;
You will need;
A bowl
A dark glass spray bottle
Distilled water
Amethyst Crystal
Essential oil (optional)

1) Cleanse the crystal you are using.

2) Place the crystal in the bowl and cover with the distilled water.

3) Place the bowl in the light of a full moon to charge the crystal and infuse the water. Leave to charge and infuse overnight.

4) Pour the water into your spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oil. The oils are optional, but I like to use lavender oil, you could also try eucalyptus or cedar oil.

If you have small pieces of amethyst that will fit into the bottle, you can charge them as above and then put them into the spray bottle too.

That’s it! The spray is now ready to use, just shake it and spray it around your aura to help keep you protected throughout the day.


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