Letting Go of All That Does Not Serve You

Letting Go of All That Does Not Serve YouLetting go of all that does not serve you is incredibly important for your physical, emotional and spiritual well being….but it’s not always easy!

As humans we collect a lot of baggage, memories, beliefs, regrets, ideas, grudges, obligations, obsessions, fears, etheric cords and attachments from others. We carry them around with us, not realising the heavy burden that they are and the effect they have on ourselves. All such baggage serves only to lower your vibration and causes unnecessary pain and suffering, not to mention hogging valuable space where higher vibrations could flow!

This baggage and clutter builds up and suffocates us, preventing us from living our lives to our full potential, unwittingly missing opportunities for growth at every level of our being. The less you hold onto the more space there is for positive well being and growth. Holding onto the past prevents you from fully experiencing the present and opening to the future.

Letting go of all that does not serve you is a profound experience. When you let go you have an amazing lightness, a feeling of renewed hope and optimism. You feel vibrant, youthful and connected to a higher source.

Letting go of all that does not serve you is an act of self-love, you are showing yourself that you do not deserve all this negative baggage and clutter hanging around, you are worth more than that, you can let go and rise to your true potential.

So, how do you let go?

Be aware– take note of what you hold onto that doesn’t serve you. This could be your thoughts, reoccurring phrases you use, limiting beliefs, constant reflection, etc.

Set your intention- without a shadow of a doubt you are ready to let go and move forward.

Forgive yourself-nobody is perfect, we’ve all held onto baggage, we’ve all created our own baggage.

Accept- accept all that has been and know it has passed. The present is far more precious to hold onto.

See your true self-imagine -how you would feel if you didn’t have all this baggage. Imagine yourself, your true potential if you were free from all that you are holding onto.

Allow yourself to let go-sometimes giving yourself full permission to let go can be an empowering experience. Consciously choose to be that person without the baggage.

Choose unconditional love– decide that unconditional love will flow into each space left after letting go.

Work with 1 issue at a time– this will help you not get overwhelmed in the letting go process.

Take the plunge-you can do it in baby steps, but take the plunge and begin letting go.

You can make a ritual out of the process if you wish, or do it through meditation and mantra, or keep a journal. Once you start letting go and experience the power of the process it becomes such an empowering thing to do for yourself.

For more ideas on rituals for letting go please read part 2 of this blog, Rituals for Letting Go.

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