Rituals for Letting Go

Rituals for Letting GoFollowing on from my last blog post, Letting Go of All That Does Not Serve You, I thought I’d write some ideas for rituals you can try that will help with the letting go process.

Firstly, think about your intention- this seems obvious, but the wording you choose is so important. Choose what you want to let go of and set your intention to do so using positive words, so for example, if you have been badly hurt in a relationship and want to let go and move forward it is important that your intention does not contain any words that are reflecting your pain, anger or hurt. Your intention needs to be a positive statement for it to be successful.

Rituals for Letting Go

1) Burning
-set the scene, play some relaxing music, have a cleansing bath, then choose and light a candle and dedicate it to your purpose. You will also need a large fire proof bowl to catch the ashes in.
-write down all that you want to let go of, write the words “I release” followed by the situation, memories, etc. that you want to let go of
-read through what you have written and feel your desire to let go heighten
-when you are ready place the paper over the flame of the candle and state your intention to let go.
-as it burns feel yourself becoming lighter, freer, renewed by the flame
-place the paper in the fire proof bowl to finish burning.

You can dispose of the ashes in any way you wish

2) Releasing to Water
This is a very cleansing way to let go. You will need to find a place where there is flowing water, a river, stream, etc.
-begin by feeling the energy of the water as it flows
-next, write down what you want to release and hold it between your palms next to or over the flowing water
-again,feel the energy of the water, cleansing and renewing
-when you feel ready state your intention and throw the paper into the water to be carried away and you are released.

3) Full Moon Release
The full moon is a wonderful time to release and let go of all that does not serve you. The energies are perfect for cleansing and purifying and enabling you to start afresh.
-prepare yourself in whatever way feels right, shower or bathe, light incense, candles, play relaxing music etc.
-create sacred space
-facing the full moon, connect with her energies and feel them flowing to you
-state out loud all that you want to let go and be released from
-close your eyes and feel the energies of the moon flooding over you, releasing and shifting baggage
-feel all that does not serve you move down through your body and out of the soles of your feet
-when you feel the energies settle and stop give thanks

Letting go rituals can be very therapeutic and beneficial, they can help you release all that does not serve you and start afresh with vibrant new energies.

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