Preparing to Send a Distant Attunement

Preparing to Send a Distant AttunementMore and more people are connecting and sharing energies via distant attunements so I’ve written some tips for preparing to send a distant attunement to help you spiritually prepare for this beautiful energy exchange.

Preparing to Send a Distant Attunement

  1. Create Sacred Space– cleanse and clean the space you will use physically and spiritually. Choose a space where you will be warm and comfortable and not disturbed. The space is very important in helping you create the right energies, so take some time to ensure that you have a space that is dedicated to your purpose and feels right.
  2. Ensure you have all the information you need at hand– this could be the details of the person that you are attuning; their name, location, a photo, etc. and also the process for the particular attunement and any symbols it incorporates.
  3. Get comfortable– make sure you are wearing loose clothing and that you are in a position that is comfortable for you to be in for a period of time.
  4. Call in guidance– call in your spirit guides, beings of light, ascended masters, your higher self, anybody that will help you during this process and help raise the vibration.
  5. Relax and or meditate– let go of any everyday thoughts and worries and come into a place where you are working from pure energies of light and love. The higher your vibration the easier it will be to go through the attunement process and the stronger the energies will be.
  6. Trust your intuition – there are many guidelines about how to send distant attunements, but it is important to follow your instincts and be fluid and creative in the way that you work. Of course, all the steps of an attunement need to be covered, but try not to get too caught up in the mechanics of the process and allow it to flow naturally.
  7. Connect with Source energies– remember that the energies of any attunement ultimately come from Source and you are simply a channel for them to flow through.

Once you feel ready, begin the attunement.

The above tips will help you be fully prepared when sending an attunement and ensure that the energies are the purest and strongest possible for your student to receive.

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