How to Send a Distant Attunement

How to send a distant attunementDistant attunements are more and more popular nowadays. They enable people from all over the world to receive attunements in the comfort of their home and they are just as effective as in-person attunements. Many people don’t realise that once they have received their attunement they can often (depending on the energies and the person’s experience) pass on the attunement to others. So, how to send a distant attunement…

To send a distant attunement is a very uplifting and energizing experience. It is best to be a Reiki Master to do this, but some attunement manuals stipulate that no experience is necessary, it varies greatly and it is always best to check what the founder recommends.

The preparation for sending a distant attunement is quite a personal experience although there are certain things that must be taken into account. Here is a basic guide on how to send a distant attunement, but please remember that many manuals give a method to follow too;

-First find a comfortable place. Make sure that you are not going to be disturbed as this will affect the energies you are sending.
-You can prepare yourself using any ritual form you wish, burn incense, candles, play music, etc. I always smudge the area first declaring it sacred space.
-Make yourself comfortable and ground yourself. This is very important for your own well-being. You can sometimes feel very light-headed after sending an attunement if you do not ground yourself beforehand.
-Protect yourself, your energies and the other person. This is a VITAL part of the procedure. When you open yourself to energies flowing through you, you must ensure that only pure Source energies flow in and nothing more. I always ask Archangel Michael to help at this point, you can also use crystals, talismans, etc. if you wish. Remember to protect yourself, the energies you send and the person receiving the energy.
-Allow yourself to relax and breathe easily. Get into a meditative state. Let your focus fall on the attunement and the energies, allow everything else to disappear from your mind.
-Connect with you guides, ask for their help. I always ask for them to help me stay grounded and focused and assist me where necessary.
-Connect with your higher self and the higher self of the recipient. This is done through intention.
-When you feel ready state your intention to pass on the energies, activate the energies and state your intention. I always use the Usui Reiki symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen at this point. Your intention can be something like…
“I ask that (name of person being attuned and their location) be attuned completely to the energies of (state attunement name) on (date and time). I ask that the energies of this attunement be as strong as (say the person’s name) can accept for their greatest and highest good.
And so it is. Thank you”

-If you are using the chi ball method you will need to create a chi ball for the energies to go into. For more information on chi balls please read, What is a Chi Ball.
-Once the energies of the attunement are flowing just allow them to continue. When you feel the energies slow down and stop the attunement is complete. If you are sending by chi ball then seal it with Raku symbol and “send”.
-Thank the recipient’s higher self, your guides, and anyone else that helped. Disconnect from the recipients higher self and take a few deep grounding breaths. Have a glass of water.

This is only a basic guide on how to send a distant attunement. You will find you develop your own unique way. Some people use visualization, others use surrogate teddies or pillows, others use photos, etc. With practise you will see what works best for you.

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