Sacred Hamsa Attunement

Sacred Hamsa AttunementProtective energies to repel and ward off negativity. Sacred Hamsa Attunement was channeled by Reiki Master Jalu Wasonoadi,

In the manual to accompany the attunement the founder explains, “Hamsa (also known as the Khamsa) is a handshaped amulet that is used for protection by both Jews and Muslims. Its name comes from the Semitic root and literally means “five”.

Although widely used by both Jews and Muslims, as long pre-dated both religions and is associated with the goddess Tanit was a Phoenician moon goddess, worshiped as the patron goddess of Carthage.

In Islam, Hamsa is also known as the “Hand of Fatima”, after the only daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, who is also associated with many miracles like rain. According to the story, one day, Fatima is busy stirring the pot when her husband Ali entered the house with a new wife who just married (Muslim men are allowed to marry 4 wives). Overcome by grief and sorrow, Fatima leaked the spoon from her hand and continue stirring with her own hands, do not see the pain. The hand has since become a symbol of patience and faith.”

Hamsa is used to ward off the evil eye and can be found at the entrance of the home, in cars, on charm bracelets and chains and more. It is also common to place other symbols in the Hamsa that are believed to help against the evil eye such as fish, eyes and the Star of David.

The benefits that you get from Sacred Hamsa Attunement are:
• Brings you in peace and radiates love.
• Attract love, good luck, happiness, riches and good health
• Help against negative energy.

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-Sacred Hamsa distance attunement via chi ball
-Sacred Hamsa Original manual by Jalu Wasonoadi, digital download
-bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc
-certificate if requested (sorry, no lineage available)
-ongoing email support and advice
All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

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Sacred Hamsa Attunement -£18


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